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Apr. 21, '12 09:00 AM - Canoe/Kayak Little River F

Hello Everyone:
I hope that I am doing this correctly. I was supposed to update everyone, so I hope this is the way to do it.
I am updating everyone on how the Kayaking trip went this morning. We were short two people, Caleb and Derek because of some personal problems.
Richard and Leah set their boats in the water around 10:00 a.m. They headed out for a 2 hour journey down the Little River. Trying to avoid tipping over was a success for Richard, but a failure for Leah. She fell in the water twice during their short journey. The total trip took about 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Everything went well and everyone was able to beat the storm.
Have a great day!

Leah Hall, Bos'uns Mate 

3/20/12 Change-of Command & Boat Maintenance

The meeting and Change-of Command Ceremony was delayed by rain and Mr. Knapp's long workday. Since the Bos'un and both Bos'un Mates were absent, Yeoman Caleb Haxton presided over the Ceremony. Mr. Knapp left the talking address up to the new Skipper, Mr. Richey. Skipper Richey  expressed his thanks to Mr. Knapp for starting the Ship and his hopes for continued growth and advancement of the Ship and the Sea Scouts.
We then proceeded to uncover the "Sunken Junke" and Sea Scout Leah Hall pumped accumulated rain water out of the cabin sole(Flooring) assisted by Mate Derek Kyle, while Yeoman Caleb Haxton and Skipper Richey worked on removing the old keel winch cable.
The meeting's work ran over a few minutes and Yeoman Haxton then dismissed the Ship.

Weekly News (Updated: 6/14/11)

This weeks meeting was not so much of a discussion, like a normal meeting would go. Many of us were able to get several Apprentice requirements marked off though. Calender dates were discussed for the months of September through January. The ship has two new American flags; one to be used during meetings, and the other to be hung upon the boats. Also, we are extremely honored to have been invited to administer a flag retirement ceremony! (Date Pending) PLEASE CONTINUE TO THINK ABOUT IDEAS FOR THE CALENDER AND FUNDRAISING.